Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hello There!

Soo, here is GF11 making a new blog. Since I have my Ginger's Corner entirely devoted to Ginger Rogers, this one will be just about whatever. I actually really don't know what the main theme of this will be, hence it being called Something Random. So actually just be prepared for a bit randomness of videogames, music I like, or whatever!

I guess we'll start off with music. This song has been my favorite to listen to recently, it's just so good! 

It's called Humble Bones by Labyrinth Ear.


  1. neat tune there... very 'ethereal' vocal...

    AND it's great to see ya setting up a 'other stuff' blog!!! It's cool to have, and if only a few folks check it's cool... there's only a few on NBABOH... but over time it may grow... I'm thinking of doing a bit more classic film stuff over there...well, I obviously have to take care of Ginger first, right? But it's cool to have it set up for any goofy stuff running thru yer head at any given time...

    heck, I need to get the 'GingerFilm' blogs rolling as well... lots of stuff to do for those... one day...

    Until then -


    1. Haha, I'm quite obsessed with tune, in fact I'm listening to it on my Ipod Touch right now.

      Yeah, I'm just saving this blog for whatever. Honestly it's probably going to be a mix of music and videogame stuff, and maybe some classic movies things in the mix. Who knows lol.

      This actually my 3rd blog. I still kept that Gingerfans one alone. I just didn't want to mess with it. It seemed like it was part the beginning of Ginger's Corner. Know what I mean?

      Have a great evening, KIG

  2. BTW...I got the VERY first comment on here...BOOM!!! :-)