Monday, December 24, 2012

"I am Sinistar! Beware I live."


That thing probably scared most kids in the arcade back in 1982. 
The game is called Sinistar released by Williams in 1982 for the arcades. The main plot is you pilot a spacecraft, and you try to create sinibombs by shooting at planetoids. While you are collecting the pieces from the planetoids, you have to dodge enemy warrior ships. Another thing is Sinistar, who is this guy up above, does not appear at the beginning. You have enemy worker ships who are trying to build him. Those things can steal your pieces when you blow up a planetoid. So it's basically a race with the clock before Sinistar shows up. In order to defeat him, you have to use 13 sinibombs. You do this same process for four zones, with the last one being the hardest.(Obviously)

Here's a gameplay video:

Yeah, so Mr. Sinistar here must of been a shock back in the day.
The game has actually become a legacy. Videogames today even feature the quotes he's said. Sinistar was also the first game to feature stereo sound. I say the game seemed pretty advanced for '82.
Unfortunately I have not played it even though there have been ports. It would be amazing to own the actual arcade cabinet(Yes I'm a big fan of old school gaming).

Let's all hear that pleasant voice again. ;)

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