Saturday, January 5, 2013

One of my favorite bands: Steam Powered Giraffe

Now you may be wondering who is Steam Powered Giraffe? They are a band in the steampunk style and genre, and do robotic pantomime. Steampunk is a style of clothing that mixes Victorian and futuristic together. 

SPG is not that well known still, but they are slowly getting there. How did I start liking them? One of my friends on facebook posted a song, and I decided to check it out. After I heard the music, I loved it.
I think this song is a must to introduce someone to:

Also you're probably thinking why are their faces painted. Well they are supposed to be robots, that were created by Colonel P.A. Walter in 1896. More details in the backstory is on their website:

Sadly as I got into them, one of their band members was leaving. You have The Rabbit, The Spine, and The Jon. The guy who was The Jon left. Now they have a new robot named Hatchworth. All the music on youtube is with The Jon, so no Hatchworth yet. I actually cannot wait till they make new songs with him. :)

Here are a few other songs:

There are a lot of other great songs they've done. I have tons on my ipod. 
So yeah, I basically blame my friend for getting me to like them. But it's all good. I got a tshirt and bracelet as one of my presents from Christmas.

So, hope you enjoyed, and maybe I added some new fans. :D
*Also btw, YAY for the Houston Texans!

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