Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Labyrinth Ear

Okay, so this group is starting to grow on me. 
Ever since I started listening to their Humble Bones song(Remember the one I put on my first post?) I have since explored the other songs.
I do say they are REALLY catchy. 
I'll share the ones that are my favorites.


Snow White (Their music video has Betty Boop in it)

Navy Light


Walk on the Moon (This song is #2, I just love the catchy slow beat)

Humble Bones (Yes I'm posting this one again cause it's my favorite!)

Well, I think this blog is going to become music based. There are just waaaay too many awesome songs. If I post music next time, I'll actually post some big band music. Can't resist all the jazzy goodness from the greatest era ever!

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