Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pokemon X and Y trailer

Yes this is waaaay old, but I wanted to share the Pokemon X and Y trailer!

You don't know how excited I was when they had announced this a month ago.
I am a HUGE fan of pokemon, ever since I was little. I have played the original Red and Blue from 1998 up till Black and White 2! I can never get too old for it. :)
Just the new enhancements are great, and I'm really excited for the new changes. I think I'll be picking Chespin as my starter pokemon.
Also BTW as a bday present, my friend had preordered Pokemon Y for me. I have the receipt safe and sound. Now I just have to wait till October 2013.......


  1. ...I was a bit past the 'Pokemon' era, so I honestly have no clue here...but glad it's a cool deal for you!!!

    Hope all is well on the animation front!


  2. Ya I can understand.
    I've kinda grown up with pokemon so it's a awesome deal for me!

    With the animation you mean the videogame thing right? As of now we are not doing anything, we might wait till Summer. It might take long before we even do anything.

    Have a great evening.